February 24, 2022 was, for me, the same as for millions of others, a moment of anger but also a moment of strength. It resembled scenes from Hollywood blockbusters, but unfortunately, my seven-year-old son Alex and I witnessed it firsthand. Dozens of Russian helicopters flew just over 100 meters above our heads as they returned home after bombing a civilian airport in Gostomel. The ominous sounds of fighter jets engaged in air battles filled the air, tanks crossed civilian highways sporadically, and thousands of people were digging trenches around the perimeter of my hometown, Kyiv. With endless traffic jams spanning eight lanes, the situation felt like something out of the disaster movie "2012".

My son and I are witnesses to these events. We are among the fortunate ones who survived. Alongside five million Ukrainian women and children, we found safety by temporarily leaving our homeland while our heroic fighters fought the enemy.

However, tens of thousands of civilians who were killed or subjected to torture were not as fortunate, nor were the 500 innocent children who lost their lives, nor were the cities and villages left in ruins.

Nevertheless, we are a resilient nation, determined to defend our freedom and the values of the free world. The entire civilized world stands beside us. We will prevail.

Veronika Didusenko

Press conference

Veronika Didusenko and Gloria Allred to Discuss the Impact of the Ukrainian War on Mothers and Children Fleeing Ukraine (3/8/2022)